My Story So Far

Gemma OHalloran - Freestyle Consulting & Events

Hello! I have been working as an event and project manager for over 12 years.
An organiser and problem-solver by nature, my passion is creating well designed, connected and successful experiences.
Strangely enough, I started out with a degree and masters in science.

Scientific training is a wonderful thing. You learn specific subject information, in my case general science and botany, but it also teaches a way of approaching questions and challenges. It encourages curiosity and is a methodology that helps you find great solutions every time. My scientific life in Trinity and Queens was followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management from the Fitzwilliam Institute, Dublin.

Events for Entrepreneurs
I have worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and family enterprises over the years which has given me a unique insight into businesses and all their departments. I’ve also been honoured to work with some incredibly talented people who have shared my wish for excellence and from whom I have learned a great deal. I thank each and every one of you – you know who you are. My past experiences mean that I naturally adapt to different clients, different projects and embrace constant change.

Professionally, my experience includes nearly 8 years working as European Event Manager for Alltech, a global agribusiness company, and briefly with international event management agency, CWT Meetings & Events.

Executing Event Excellence
In 2015 I started Freestyle Events and I have not looked back. I provide event or project management services (or both), to venues, agencies, event organisers, private clients or corporate clients and everything in between. To date, all of my clients have been by referral or word of mouth. My particular passion is working as a central contact point for a complex logistical project where there are a lot of people involved, with a lot of different agendas. It is hugely satisfying to help connect the dots and help everyone work together to achieve their goal.

I love the challenge and diversity of my Freestyle work.
I make things happen and I continuously try to learn in order to grow and succeed. I thrive on the unique and unusual. I love to see a job well done.

My latest adventures have been to relocate to the sunny South East of Ireland, renovate my new home and to complete a re-brand of Freestyle itself (Summer 2019).

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Member: Wexford Chamber of Commerce | Member: Women in Business Network – Ireland